Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stressfull life

New semester started but my life getting worst. With all my assigments and project......all the unidentified stress...all the personal stress...this is not a college life that i'm looking for. Im not good in handling my stress level. Can someone please help me out from this??

I though you will understand me but u 're not. :( Never knw that I m so hopeless until I cant really understand myself .....after the 3 months holidays....I turns into another person. Jason Tor no longer Jason Tor. What all this?? because of .... I changed everything so that I can get your attention...but I m too silly.....

Congrate you...jason....transformed to a hopeless guy in the world.....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bee Won at Korea Town

Believe it or not, this is my first time try korean food. This restaurant named "Bee Won" located at One Ampang Business Center is a Korean B.B.Q Restaurant. If you got no idea where is One Ampang Business Center located, it is just opposite the Ampang Point. This place known as Korea Town where majority of the residents here are Korean. For those who like Leng the place for you....keke......

* Korean style interior
*Ginseng from Korea
*Refreshing cup of iced green tea

We ordered B.B.Q set which comes with pork,pork rib and other side dishes. You can eat as much as you can as the side dishes are refillable. Although the side dishes look simple but it is nice especially the egg salad and also the "seaweed arca" malay...dun know what the name for that dish. It is a seaweed whihc seasoned with vineger.

* Rolled the B.B.Q pork with a piece of vege and some bean paste sauce - to get the original taste of the food
*Rolled B.B.Q pork together with Kimchi and a piece of Onion
Other than the B.B.Q set, we ordered the Kimchi soup. Tell you what a nice kimchi soup that I ever had. It is totally different from what I tried before.
* A bowl of Kimchi soup will never fulfill your need - so get more...

Any idea what is this?? this is Korean fried rice cake... dun knw what it call in korean...This is a must if you wanna try the traditional korean food.

Cant really finish all the food especially the fried rice cake. Avery large portion eventhough we ordered the small size.

Highly recommended for those who loves Korean food ....price..???reasonable ....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pepper, the schnauzer

Just groomed a miniature schnauzer this morning. Here is the photo before grooming and after give comment ya...:P

Before Makeover

After Makeover

what a lucky night for me

Last night went to have a drink with my friends at I reached home around 12am something ...Since Im abit drunk, so Idecided to have a short rest in my car before I get into my house. As usual, I parked my car outside of my house.

yOU KNOW what happen??? out of no where, 3 motorcycles approached me and trying to open my car's door....they stared at me , the funiest thing is that I stared at them first I thought my friend or what because that time i was drunk,cant really see them clearly...once they tried to open my car..I was stunted and awake from the drunkness..I straight away start my car and drove off in no time.

After that, I went to my buddy's house and he accompanied me back to my house...

Once i reached my house, i informed my housemates where all of them hanging out that time. My friend told me that her friend robbed by 3 motorcyclists. I supposed that she is the victim of the same gang that I had met earlier. what a world.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

For you all...

Went to Petsmore today and purchased few stuff for Toro,Yuki and Shiro...Bought Greenies for each of them, Jerhigh carrot and a collar for Shiro.

Tried the collar on Toro....not the right size for Shiro. Haiz...have to get another collar for Shiro again....

Handsome right Toro with the colorful collar...keke.....he is still available ...for those who looking for send me a resume ya...:P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

what a lovely couple

We in the same bed....cham....captured by my sister whn me and Toro resting...haha....sleep helps us to restore our energy for the coming day but will it help me to cover up all the mess that I had done??

Monday, January 12, 2009

New sem but life still the same

Today...University's life again. New semester started today. Everyone with their new hair style, new look, new hope but for me, I dun even knw where my study mood disappeared d. I met her today and I got very weird feeling. My feeling just like wanna me to answer 'am I still thinking of her?' or 'am I totally pulled her out from my life already?'.I really hope that I cant answer this question but the fact is I got the answer for that. From a friend turns in relationship and turns to 'enemy'?? I never had this kind of feeling in previous relationships. what this mean??

what a stressfull life after this........... ... .. .

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Toby, the cream toy poodle

This is Toby, my boarding dog. A very good and obedient poodle. Too bad,he is going back today and I m sure he is going to miss Toro badly. Just finish grooming him.....:)



He look like Yuki, my cream toy poodle...after the grooming.....Please leave me some comment regarding my grooming ya....:P

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let your furkids have a cool style this coming chinese new year

Chinese new year around the corner, the time that I'm waiting for a year since last year. Happy Chinese New Year to you all. Have a great fortune and healthy this year.

*This photo captured last year chinew new year

Although CNY is only 2 weeks from now but I havent shop for my chinese new year yet. You guys finished your shopping???How about your dog??send your dog to get a cool style for the coming celebration?? I m providing grooming service, do try me up :) Here my contact

0127399631 or msn to make your reservation for the grooming :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back again!!

Fuu yoo......been away for few weeks...
never too late for me to post some of the photos that I captured during Christmas right???

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