Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let your furkids have a cool style this coming chinese new year

Chinese new year around the corner, the time that I'm waiting for a year since last year. Happy Chinese New Year to you all. Have a great fortune and healthy this year.

*This photo captured last year chinew new year

Although CNY is only 2 weeks from now but I havent shop for my chinese new year yet. You guys finished your shopping???How about your dog??send your dog to get a cool style for the coming celebration?? I m providing grooming service, do try me up :) Here my contact

0127399631 or msn to make your reservation for the grooming :)


Miss K said...

but ur schedule r full already what
25/1 can ?

jason86 said...

not full yet...only 17/1 full ....25/1 bout 18/1??

dianacom said...

Where are you and how much will you charge me to groom Santa?

jason86 said... add me in my

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