Sunday, June 28, 2009

OMG ~ kill me please

Over spending....-_-'''............I really dont know how to overcome my bad habit...spending
Just this few days, i spent about 400++ for nothing. . . . . . .and today...again...
the things that i bought throughout the week -->
Someone please help me :( i cant control myself from buying

Dog Day 2009

This is the first time went to Dog day event, located at Chin Woo stadium. Will always remember today....stucked in the jam and wonder around KL for more than 1 hour..the traffic in KL this mornign terrible because of the Marathon.

Random photos that i took today :-

Island cafe

Remember who is this?? Cant remember??check this out!!! click here!!


*Lexus & Sushi

*This is Toby

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Miss you guyzz.......

Been a month my life without Toro and Shiro....missing them badly..:( good if they can be with me right now but i m just daydreaming -_-'

Hopefully they still remember me .especially Toro.... . . . . .

Grooming competition

At last i decided to take part in the Malaysia first international grooming competition on 3 July at Mid Valley megamall. This is the first time i participate in such competition. My mood just like in between wanna join or wanna give up. The competition just around the corner but i still...still...cant get a poodle as my model. + recently I hardly got time to practice my grooming skill because of my busy life here...hmmm....howcome I m in this kind of situation where i have to make a decision that I do not know what the best decision for me...:(

After the grooming competition, i will be at there for 3 doys because my company having a booth over there.. See you guyz there ya...remember say Hi to me if happen to see me around there..:P

New cage for Taro

Received the habitrail Space Station which i bought it few days ago. Nice cage right??-_-'...this my life, buy buy buy buy ...non stop buying. . .. . . . . . ...
So for now, Taro will be in this cage while Jiro will be in the storage box.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grooming a guinea pig

This is Rex...a mix guinea pig. From the fur pattern, i guessed he is a sheltie mix.This fella got very curly fur at the bottom most probably is sheltie x Texel

* before grooming
* After grooming

Durian durian..

Yesterday, purposely went to ss2 just to have my durian meal with my friends. Out of sudden, my friend texted me saying wanna go for durian... haha....everyone look for durian this few days...HOORAY...durian know what fruit matched the durian most?....

Is mongoesteen !!!Stomach full with durian -_-' cham car....with durian's smell!!....
need to send my car for a car wash tomorrow......:)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chinchilla aka totoro

Any idea what is this?? mouse with bushy tail??gerbil with squirrel's face??haha..this is chinchilla..long mau in cantonese...they look cute right??They are from rodent family and they cannot survive in hot weather.So they should keep in air conditioned room to prevent them suffer from hot weather especially in Malaysia where the weather is damn HOT...even we,human cant even take it.
In the wild, chinchilla's diet consists of plant, flower, seed and insect but all this are not suitable for domestic chinchilla where domestic chinchilla's food are mainly hay and pellet. Like guinea pig, hay is the staple food for them and they cannot take much fresh food such as vegetable and fruits because they got a very sensitive stomach where too much fresh food can caused diarhea.
One more thing about them, they are good jumper....they can jump up to 5ft where it is equivalent to 1.5 m. From the face and mouth's shape, you can know that they are good chewer as well. Chewing is the most the most all animals in rodents family will do.GUinea pig, hamster, gerbil all like to chew but for chinchilla...they even worst...they are destroyer...they can chew anything that is wood or plastic made. So to avoid them from chewing, the food bowl that they using must made from prevent the chinchilla from chewing up the bowl instead of the food that placed in the bowl.

Chinchilla do not require bath. Bathing sand is the best cleaning material for chinchilla where the sand can actually remove the natural oil from their their fur.By this, it can clean the chinchilla, remove oil that appeared on the fur and you will enjoy their sand bathing session.
From dog, cat, rodents like guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, fat tailed gerbil, to fishes like marine tank, live bear, goldfish....and now is the time i learn more about chinchilla...

undescribable feeling :(

This few days, i dont feel comfortable .... something happened in my friendship and it really irritate me...I dont know how long i can take it, but i will try to maintain the friendship...

friend is always better than enermy...but too bad, sometimes, friend dont understand your situation and they make decision on what they think.Really hope our friendship will last...and no end.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wordless Tuesday

Jiro~ the winter white....

Taro ~ the winter white

Friday, June 12, 2009

What ball??

Got a ball for Taro...guess what.!!what type of ball is tis??
Is a hammie ball.....let Taro roaming around my room for few minutes...he seem enjoying it but too bad....sound pollution..keke...the ball hit

Thursday, June 11, 2009


A long night again ....ending my day with the farming in Facebook and blogging around....Here is my farm, and found that it is really boring especially when come to the harvesting part..

How my life today?? usual,wake up at 730am...prepare myself then go office.....completing my tasks of the day then out for lunch....continue my tasks them off....
Now I understand why working can be so tired!!haha...because we are doing the same thing again and again until we reached 55 years old...which is our retirement age that only if we re lucky enough to have some saving during young time....If not, work until u cant work anymore...haha...

Nowadays, more and more pets for adoption everywhere....but what to do??we dun have much choices other than helping them out. Just a reminder for new pet owners out not buy on impulse where u can actually end up their life in cage, adoption center or even worst .....!!death!!. think twice before you get one...and for those that want to adopt, do not adopt on impulse, many owners nowaday, opps...sorry...trouble makers, they adopt but put the pet up for adoption again after few weeks or few months later with the excuses like do not have time for them, cant afford, allergy...whatever fucking excuses that you can get from them. Since then why still adopt??Adoption is not about fun is about your commitment with the pets that you want to adopt. Even you adopt a small, tiny little creature like hermit still have to think about the commitment that you can take after that.. Cost, Time , Responsiblity, ethic ,Commitment always at the first priority when comes to adoption.


Cost ~ Are yOu WiLlInG tO GiVe pAy foR thE Vet BIlL If yOu pEt sICk??
Time~ Do you HaVe tHe TiMe fOr tHe pEt??
Responsibility~ArE YoU ReAdY tO PiCk uP YOuR DoG'S pOo PoO??
ethic~ WiLL yOu tReaT YoU aDoptED PeT As A BreEDinG mAcHine foR THe puRpoSe oF GaININg ProFIT??
Commitment ~ aRe YoU ReAdy For tHiS??

Adoption Adoption Adoption

Just helping out some kind rescuer out there. Received an email today about dogs and cats for adoption.

Below are some cute paws that need a lovely home badly. They were found in Malay Kampung by Madam See in Port Klang.

While this kitten named Drogon and he was found with cat flu. Luckily he is now healthy and urge for a good home.
This is a crossed terrier which was found abandoned at a vet clinic in Klang on Sunday. Her name is Didie.
Would really appreciate if you could pass this message around to your friends who might
be interested in adopting. Any queries about the adoption, can contact Eching at 0162093155

Never judge a dog or cat through their breed and where they come from.
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