Friday, October 31, 2008


I really hate those owner who think their pet is the most clever and well behaved and keep critic other pet owner, thier words just like a sword which can actually injurd others. Their pet just like all the good things belongs to them and bad things not thiers. I really do not know why they think that way....maybe over proud.. perhaps.....

I just tell the truth, this is not the first time my pet being criticed by other "well behaved" pet's owner and I just can't get it why they never say their pet also behaved that way since the fact is the pet did that too....(saw it myself) and their reason just yaa.......they talk to their pet and ask : where you learn this??? and tell other pet owner : he never did this before, maybe other dogs teach him/her.......what a xxx reason.....push all the blame to others...
I just hope that every pet deserve the right on how they behaved and this is the why those "well behaved " pet's owner must be so pathetic and sarcarstic toward the owner??? think yourself la...dude!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Picture of the day...

At last I settled down myself least for now, Shiro doing fine.....
Here some of the funny pic. Yuki with spec....pinky pinky....


Just came back from Hand n paws, today Dr.Lai and Dr. Jenny not in. So Dr. Mervin check on Shiro. While waiting for Shiro's turn, Shiro looks nervous and keep making noise..(sound like crying but not crying).

He keep looking at Dr. Mervin's room and I was thinking that he can sense the doctor's smell...haha

Once Shiro in the treatment room, the first thing he do is poo~ing.....not just once, but twice...end up Dr Mervin need to clean the poo..lucky today's poo are not watery and bloody..

After a whole body checkup, lucky....nothing serious. just some stomach upset and infection.

So now, Shiro have to fasting for today and only can have few pieces of boiled chicken per meal for few days. And this is what Shiro have to take for a week.....

* Nervous look...

Serious or not?

Since last sunday, cant sleep well. Because Shiro 's problem. Yesterday, found his poo got blood..!!!Faint....did some research and it might be the injurded recturm or he never dewormed since puppy. My feeling just like the feeling when I was waiting for my STPM result...nervous, scare,....stressed up...Hopefully he will be alright.

Did some research on it, found out that Shiro might infected by hookworm.

Hookworms are one of the most common intestinal parasites of dogs and (especially puppies and kittens). They get their name from the small hook-like instrument on their head that they use to dig into the wall of a dog’s intestinal tract. The larvae burrow into the skin and cause the dog a great deal of itching and discomfort. They suck blood from the walls of the intestines and have been known to cause serious anemic problems in young dogs. Hookworms can be transferred to dogs through a couple of methods. The main causes of hookworms for dogs are through the mother’s milk when nursing, through the top layer of their skin, through the mouth and even through the placenta before the puppy was born.

This is what we as a pet owner...need to aware that we need to de worm our pet every few months. Really hope that Shiro only infected by worm, if not...I wanna die!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

ear cleaner....she did a great job.......

Have you ever go to any saloon or place where they provide ear cleaning services???If never, you can come over my I do provide this service very soon.....haha......let me introduce my ear cleaning Yuki......

Noticed that she help to clean Toro's ear...very funny......

Toro enjoying the cleaning process....This is what normally Toro and Yuki will do at home ...They bonded to each other very well, even Shiro go near Yuki, Toro will protect Yuki....What a good brother....

hope everythings fine.....

Another scary day for me....this morning, while I' m having my breakfast.....suddenly see Shiro poo poo at his toilet tray...very happy to see that...but my bad day started after few seconds..I saw Shiro's poo got blood!!!!watery poo with blood. I just cant cold down myself after I see the blood. My heart's bit increasing and I really dont know what to do. Want to skip my work and stay at home accompany him but no friend can replace me for today.

Guinea pig not pig from Guinea

Guinea pig is a friendly rodent compared to hamster. They wont bite unless in stressed up condition. Miko,my peruvian guinea pig totally not afraid of my dogs. Hhaha...even dare to go near and sniff sniff my dogs....Yesterday, Shiro allowed to go near Miko for the first time and he just so excited and keep bang~ing the cage.

Everytime when I let Toro roaming freely in my house, the first thing he will do is go sniff Miko and so do Miko. Toro can just lay down beside the cage and look at Miko for few hours. Amazing right for those who know Toro's personality because Toro is a hyper dog.

Guinea pig a a herbivor. Hay and pellet is their main menu in their meal. Besides hay and pellet, fresh fruit and vege can be add in as supplement for them. Before this I just think that guinea pig 's food is the same as rabbit's food but I m totally wrong. Because the nutrient intake for rabbit is different from the nutrient that guinea pig need. So, do research and study before you plan to get one.

There are varietiesof guinea pig breed from short haired to long and silky hair. Peruvian and sheltie are my favourite breeds.This two breeds are long hair breed and require more grooming care. Although they are not easy to take care but I do not think that way. So do wait for my update second guinea pig ...soon...haha..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

please stop animal cruelty

Animal cruelty. Its say alot of things in two words. Cruelty is something that one one should go through ....yet animal go through it everyday. Animal deserved the right to live and they do not deserved to be treated that way, they live because of us, they die because of us, they do not have voice to speak we as pet owner out there....we the only voice for those abused animal.

My mind started to think about the animal abuse and cruelty after i saw those dogs from dog farm. Their life just as big as a 1m x 1m cage and they never got the chance to know how the ground feel like and they dont even know what is love from owner are. What they know is that we, as human are scary creature who beat them, torturing them.... Their life just like a breeding machine or gambling games for human. For those who purposely breed pet for sale, please do think that your pet helping you to earn money, so they deserved the right to get what they deserved. Provide them enough food to eat.....not those hypermarket brand like pedigree or human consumption. Provide them medical treatment and provide them bigger compaun for them to run and play. I dont think this is difficult for a breeder to provide all this as you all already earned alot from your pet. Dude.....please use your brain and think of it. No offences human are greedy creature

I was thinking that why Malaysia got such case ???who to blamed???buyer or breeder???

Me as a groomer, what i can do is to let those pet be pretty and handsome as I can at least for once in their life.

*A mother dog nursing her puppies by the side of a dead dog body

Human 's life just like a burning of a candle. Once it reached it 's end, no matter what we do, also cant help. So we must appreciate every single second in our life, same goes to our pet too. For them, we are their only hope...we gave them food, we provide them shelter, we love them. Even thought I'm not a good owner but I really tried my best to provided them all the best since they with me. I really dont know what those irresponsible owner think about thier pet.

Stupid potential owner=> never ever get a pet if u cant commit with them. Once u got them, you have to be responsible for their whole life until their last breath.

Definition of PET from wikipedia : Pet generally refers to a companion animal.

I' m totally disagree with this. I do not think that pet is a companion animal. For me, pet needs love from thier owner, pet understand us whenever we need them and pet not just a COMPANION ANIMAL.

Please do help those unfaithful pet contact spca if you found that your neighbour abusing their pet.

OMG!!!what happen???

Just finish my dinner...Today dont know why Shiro vomit and diarrhea. Used 2 hours to clean him and clean the place. Those watery poo poo stick on the toilet tray and the floor. Somemore some of the poo poo dried up already even make my cleaning task harder. I had to clean my room with Dettol solution to prevent any unwanted visitor. His body just like after playing with mud,......hard to remove the dried poo and the pee.......

Before you look at the photo, as enjoy your meal after this....:)

Why this happen?? I've never experienced this before, I do not know what to do now. Although he is vomitting and "lau sai" but he still active and playing with Toro and Yuki. Hope he will be OK soon and nothing wrong with his health.

Now what I can do is to hand feed him kibbles every few hours in small amount so that he can digest the kibbles completely.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Suddenly come accross my mind, who will I bring to the World Animal Day event at KL Tower on 2 Nov.

Among 3 of them, I just can bring 1. How???Toro, Yuki or Shiro?

If bring Toro means I will be in trouble because of his barking behaviour....some said "sua ku"...

If bring Yuki, Toro will be pity staying at home. Then if bring shiro, feel like i leave Toro and Yuki choice, have to see their performance through this week.Haha...

Messy morning for me

hmmmm...wake up earlier this morning because of toro, yuki and shiro. They started to play "chasing" under my bed...Omg ....
Today, officially declared that Shiro is 100% toilet trained. I saw it myself, he go to his toilet tray and do his business.

As a gift, i just bought some goodie for them yesterday....cost me around RM10++. First time bought this type of treat. It can be feed as main course, appetizer and snack for dog.

Today's their menu will be roasted duck in gravy with some pasta as a base..

In 15 mins, the meal prepared...ta taa...........

The moment i walked into my room, they already waiting there ...

Friday, October 24, 2008

introduction of my pet

Finally i decided to have my own pet blog. here are my family's member.

This is toro, the miniature schanuzer. he is now 1 year and 4 mths. he is my first pet dog. He is a fast learner and he knw lots of tricks.

I got him when he still 3 mths old and because he is my first pet dog, i got no idea how to toilet trained him. So end up, he still dont knw how to do his business at the right place. For now, he only do his business when i walked him every morning.

Toro a very clever dog and i m proud of him. He been with me for 1 year ++ already and now he knw what he can do and what he cant. he knews lotz of tricks and i uploaded a videoclip of him .....enjoy ya....:)

Here Yuki, the cream toy poodle. I got her when i got my salary work as promoter. Actually i bought her for my mum as birthday present...but no matter how, she still my lovely gal. Although she do not knw much trick as Toro did, but she knw some trick that Toro cant do....keke......wanna know????keke

She been with me for almost 6 months already and she is 100% toilet tray trained. When i got her home for the first time, she already started to bully Toro by biting Toro's beard and leg. Haha....funny to look at them a small tiny pup bully a Toro

My third comer, a guinea pig. Miko. She is peruvian breed and her color is greyish brown. Actually i adopted her from a forumer and her age unknown but estimated around more than 1 year old.

I never knew that guinea pig can be toilet trained as well. I used a week to toilet train her. She really a gorgeous. Plan to get her a companion as she lonely whenever i m not around.

Lastly, my recent comer and also my third dog, Shiro, a white toy poodle. I adopted him few days ago. That time when i just brought him back, his condition really bad, too thin and his coat tangled badly. I suspect his previous owner torturing him because when you hug him, you can only feel the bone and skin. No fat at all....Beside is the photo that i took when he just arrived home. He look like a lamb to me...haha

No matter how he look like, I will still love him as this is become my responsibility once i adopt him.

For now, my only wish is to make him fat ....keke

Here some of Shiro's look after grooming...

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