Wednesday, December 16, 2009

4th schnauzer gathering (Xmas special)

Hello guyz~ there will be a xmas gathering on 20 dec 2009 at desa citypark for all the schnauzer owners. I would like to invite all the schnauzer owners to join us.

Venue: Desa City Park
Date: 20 dec 2009 ( sunday)
Time: 4pm

Notes: Please prepare some snack for owners( alittle is enough...etc:sandwichess, cookies, fruits) and a present for furkids(price within rm15) for the chirstmas present exchange session.

*for the present, if you bring two dogs, then you have to prepare 2 presents for the exchange session :)

Friends with other breeds are welcome too :)
Hope you guyz join us for the upcoming gathering

Activities :
4.OO pm - Chitchat + makan + socialize our furkids
5.oo pm - Gift exchange session
6. Oo pm - Cleaning up the venue

1.Clean up the mess after the gathering
2.Prepare some newspaper,poo bags to pick after your furkids poo poo...
3.Enjoy the gathering

Any enquiry about the gathering, can buzz me at 0163370631 or msn me at :) thx guyz...c u there :P

HOuse of schnauzer <-- click here for our hhouse of schnauzer on facebook!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toro's update

At last, toro with me now. And i swifted to a new placewhere i am allowed to bring toro along. Here some of toro's updates.
Toro and his new friend, a cocker spaniel. a very friendly cocker that keep on waiting for toro at the front gate... can you see how friendly he was??

Here are some of the cookies's photos that i captured few days back. .. . At first it is for abby(agnes's toy poodle), carol, lulu.. but end up, i threw it away few days ago because it cant keep for more than a week(no preservative added). *Chicken & Parsley biscuit.

* Orange: Carrot cookies

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A night with foods

Had my dinner at Chili's Mid Valley yesterday. Celebrating my friend's birthday.. . I really fall in love with the burger ...everytime i went there, it will be my first choice .. . .
After dinner, we hanged out at Brussel at JayaOne... . . Hoegarden will not be in my list for my draught beer list.. . . anymore...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

4 weeks old puppies :)

Here some of the latest photos of the puppies that i took last weekend.

4 weeks old
Toro with Dai gor

2 weeks later they wil lgo for thier first vaccination.. . .

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New products launch... :)

Early christmas wish to all of my blog followers.... do check out my new products launch here


Thank you... and Merry chirstmas to u guyz ...have a cherish chirstmas this year :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Yuki's puppies

Been three weeks since my last visit. They are growing bigger and healthier..Here some of my sweetie's photos :-
Three weeks old
* sweet little gal

*The youngest prince cham

*the pink nose dai gor

* My lovely yuki nursing her pups.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

jason's busy month

Gosh, almost a month i never update my blog... again.,,.. Dont know why all the bad luck came toward me, still remember i 'm in an accident last time??

I got my car back after 1 month in the workshop....and what happened next?? I lost my car few weeks ago. What the hell happened on me?? i m so pissed off because i m not only lost my car, but also all my grooming equipments and other things that i kept in the car.. Everyone keep telling me that "There are always blue skies after the dark clouds" but real or not is still a myth

You judge it then

Lost my car, then i ordered a car(will get it next week ) :)
Lost my grooming equipments, then no more side income for my entertaintment (so boring):(

The greatest news got after the incident was, Yuki now the mother of 3.. and i m the one who help her when she deliver. yes..... .. . . (no blue skies but sunshine after the dark clouds)

Will update my blog again with ton of the photos ... later..

*Sweetie little doggies :)
And another good news is ...i gained 5 kg in just a month. -_-' Who can resist all the food huh?? keke...

*Breakfast at Ah Xian Dim Sum restaurant

*Famous claypot chicken rice for my dinner

*Warm meal for a raining season-hongkies style steamboat

Now i believed there is always sunshine after dark clouds although no blue skies.. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Broga Hill, Semenyih

Wow.....definitely more than a month from my last post. .. .. . here some updates......haha
Went to Broga Hill yesterday for my adventurous weekend getaways. This the first time i went there and it's a good experience :) Departed from Serdang around 5.40 a.m and reached there around 6.45 a.m...

Here are some of the scenery view from Broga Hill. .
Ended the adventure around 10.00 a.m and went for our dim sum feast at Puchong...
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