Tuesday, December 30, 2008

it's too late to regret.

Time passed like that, it been 3 months since that happen. I really dun know where to express myself. Maybe it mean nothing to you,but it really affected my life now. Dun know since when I 'm so into alcohol hopefully this will not last. Now what I can hope is that i can totally pull you out from my life. Still remember the moment, the first day, the first word and the first meal we having together. Really sorry for all the crap and really hope that you can really forgive me...

Merry christmas to you.....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Toro & Pluto....

Haha....guess who is this????He is Pluto......my fourth dog....keke.........kidding la....is my boarding dog aged 3 months plus. It is weird, I found that when Toro still puppy, his look doesnt look like this. Totally different. Photo below is when Toro still 3 months old. Miss his puppyhood time....Really sorry to Toro because he dont have a great puppyhood time with me due to some personally problem but lucky, at the end he still with me.

Toro play with Pluto.....

Hello guy....this is Sonata, my customer's cat. She is a senior adult white persian. She is really cute.While with her, I had a hard time grooming her. She keep running away and hide under the cupboard. I used up 3 hours to complete the grooming. Cute right???keke...I thought every cat afraid of water but not for Sonata...she just sitting in the basin calmly let me bath her.

The hardest part for me when grooming cat is that when they managed to run away and hide under someplace. The scariest thing happen. They give the friendly face expression but once you pulled them out, they bite you out of sudden..
* another experience for me ..(:P)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wanna share some photos that I captured yesterday. Not a profesional photos because I'm not a profesional photographer :)

Friday, December 12, 2008


Sorry for the late update....yesterday, I sat for the grooming test. The test examinated by an examiner from Taiwan, Ms Liew. I am happy with my result. The test devided into two parts, one is theory part and another one is practical part. In theory part, I've been tested on the basic knowledge of pets, cares, hair texture, etc while for practical part, I need to groom a dog which we can choose the dog breed ourself. I chose a toy poodle as my model and this poodle named Percy, my friend's dog.

* Percy before grooming

* After grooming

* After grooming

* After grooming

* passed both parts with flying colors....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can anyone out there help me??

Been continuous for few days already, a dog behind my house been screaming for few days. It happen everyday....Think of report it to SPCA but i got not enough evidence to prove about that. The only thing I got is this video clip ...

* Whoever can guide me what to do, please.....msn me ..ah_tor@hotmail.com...urgently

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New setup for Miko and Mika

D.I.Y~ed an open area cage concept for Miko and Mika 2 days ago. Why suddenly D.I.Y?? Haha...thanks to Mika.....pee everywhere...so i have to create the open area cage's base with coroplast with I bought from Popular. First time D.I.Y, so the base look not that nice....

Bad mood day

Just came back from hang out with friend. First time ever I drunk and today is the moody~est day for me. Sometimes, we cant really expect the inner part of a human being. I am totally upset and everyone got their own limit of anger and patient. If YOU cant really teach, please...dont do testing people around YOU as YOUR guinea pig. I hated people who did wrong but still not plead guilty.FUCK OFF!!!BASTARD........I know YOU and we know YOU too....so please stop all nonsense before we take law action!! IDIOT!!!
*those who know me..you sure know who i m talking about!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday ...Yuki!!!

Today is Yuki's one year old birthday but too bad, she not with me now and hopefully she got a nice birthday celebration with my sister because today is my sister's birthday. Will get both of them birthday present soon , I' m busy with my test and work now. So no time to prepare the present.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Toro and Princess...

This is princess, the brown miniature pinscher. She will stay with Toro for 3 days and tomorrow I have to send her back to her owner already. At first, I cant really imagine two different sized dogs stay together and I m worried about will Toro step on Princess or will Princess hurt her leg while playing with Toro. I think Toro will be missing her badly after tomorrow ....because lonely when I 'm not at home.

Here the video clip of Princess when she first at my house.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At last I decided to feed Toro raw. Yesterday I fed him a raw chicken wing and he took up 2 hours to finish the wing. At first, he just sniffed the wing...but after half and hour, he tried to lick the wing.After that another 1 hour, he chewed on the wing.....Very funny watching him having his meal ...just like a person who do not like durian but forced to eat durian.....He keep stop eating if I not looking at him. So I have to keep calling him to eat ...eat.....Toro eat....

* Looking at the chicken wing

* Having his chicken wing
After finished his wing, I prepared a raw egg for him and he just like it until finish,,...I never think that I will raw feed Toro because I cant really accept the food itself. But influenced by my friends and some study about the raw feed's benefits, at last I feed Toro also. I will only raw feed Toro once or twice a week because after the meal, I need to bath him to make sure the hygiene since he is staying with me in my room.

Here the video clip of Toro enjoying his meal.

Monday, December 1, 2008

new crabitat setup

Some photos of my crabitat setup....

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