Sunday, May 31, 2009

Toro's day again

Funny video clip of Toro...with his over hyper mood.....

Dog found wondering around taman paramount(nasi lemak ayam stall)

Location : the nasi lemak ayam near KFC taman paramount
Sex : unclear.clean, good skin condition and cute
Breed : Mixed, most probably splitz mix

Help this dog out, i believed that he/she might get lost and lost his/her owner. If anyone would like to adopt a dog, do go to the area that i mentioned.because the dog is really cute. Hope that he/she do not have to be stray...

Lovely Toro

It is sad when you need to leave someone that by your side when you are moody, angry, down, happy....I need to leave Toro and Shiro at hometown for few months because my new room is too small to have dogs...haiz...

When I pack my stuff, this happen...Toro keep want to stay inside the bag..dont know is funny or sad. My sister told me, Toro will stay at the door and wait for me everytime i went out. Even I come back pj, Toro waited for 2 days at the door...

I cant imagine what will happen if Toro leave me ... :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

sleeping time!!!

First time ever, all of them allowed to sleep on my brother's bed...haha.....

bald again....thx to my family again...

Been away for few days because didnt bring my adaptor along with me this round. So end up, have to beg my brother to borrow me his

Whenever i left my dogs at my hometown, sure end up have to shave them all....haiz....even with the miniature schnauzer cut for toro, his fur still can be tangled badly. just don't understand..

* bald again!!! #%%&&*^(*)&*)

* shiro with his trademark.. the helmet guy

* Toro with his trademark!! the beard~dy guy

Monday, May 18, 2009

mY world started!!!

first time ever, in my life,......stepped into alcoholic's world....

after the dinner at the thai restaurant, we went to Beach, a club i guess....and tell u guyz... i just enjoying there!! really.....u guyz shld try it out

The second night, we went to Zouk, fuck off....damn cant imagine the feel, go experinced it yourself...

* KLCC tower view from Zouk

NIce thai food...

Went to a Thai Food Restaurant with my friends in KL....tell you what the food is nice and expensive too....

* Fish in Thai Style sauce

*Beef with Asparagus

*Green Curry

*a glass of rED wINE...


Guyz~ i really enjoy the dinner...thz ya.:P


Been to Zanmai sushi last week...tell u what is ...our day!!! haha...we got RM 40 vouchers which we got during our meal our lucky....Sushi Zanmai celebrating their 2nd anniversary...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Carie & Tin Tin

groomed tin tin & carie yesterday,belongs to sasa..

this is Tin Tin, the white schnauzer.

*before grooming

*after grooming

This is carie, the salt & pepper schnauzer.

*before grooming
*after grooming
*lovely ms

Shino, the shih tzu

This is Shino, a shih tzu. A very co-operative shih tzu. He got serious matted fur, so i used up 3 hours just to shave him. wHAT a hard work...

*Before grooming

*First hour of grooming

*2 hours of grooming

*After 3 hours of grooming

Please stop buying animal fur's product!!!

I cursed people other who buying animal's fur product!!! your life will end like how theirs

Chinchilla's fur

Badger's fur

Friday, May 8, 2009

dog understand you the most..

human's mind hard to predict. we dont know what they want actually but compared to dog, it's totally different. Even though they do not know how to speak but you can feel the comfort that they show you when you're lonely, sad,happy or moody.

We do not need to pretend when with them, we do not get hurt from them, we do not have to worry about the words that come out from our mouth. You can just relax when with them. But recently, I found it hard to communicate with human. Human are unpredictable, hard for us to get what they want.

what the hell is this,haha....i also dont know what I crap here.....abit moody today...sorry ya ...bro...

thE eND Of 3 years of UNiversity Life

For us, 3 years is not a short period of time...we gone through all the sadness, happiness, conflicts, arguement within this 3 years but now, it is hard for us to gather all of us together to do whatever activities that we usually do. When there is "Hello", at the end, we have to say good bye ...after this, we have to create our own future path...separate from each other....

*Coursemates!!Business Information Systems 2006-2009

*Forever Buddies..

*Forever Buddies

*Classmates IBT2

Sunday, May 3, 2009

enjoying green..

Just found out that my hermit is a she....OMG..All this while, i though is a named today i would like to rename her,..any suggestion for her new name??
*Having vege for my breakfast

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Here some photos captured recently, little hermit and coca-cola,...

For the reward, here is his new clothe...but no branded clothe for you burberry, no LV, no couch....

Not only new clothes, new crabitat setup with nice view...keke
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