Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toro or Gloria???

Watch the movie "Madagascar" already??This is Gloria, the hippopotomus .

And this got idea who is this in that movie???

I think is granny Gloria...keke.....with beard somemore...
Just finish bath Toro, I forgot to wash away the Iodine first before I apply the whitening shampoo....end up, his cheek there turn into yellow color....haiz.....suppose that that area is white before bath...haiz.....

Friday, November 28, 2008

$$$ flew away!!!

This morning, sent Toro to hand & paw for the skin problem check up..Lucky not serious just that it is because of the food changing problem which caused bacteria infection.

* on the way to the vet

* Panic look...haha

* busybody Toro keep on walking on the table while Dr Mervin check on him.....

* At the front desk

So at the end, Dr Mervin gave some antibiotic, anti itchy pill and Iodine for the external use. And one more thing...Toro now very ugly......

* Toro's back after shaved by Dr Mervin, he said need to shaved off because afraid that the medicine cant really applied direct to the skin. The yellow thingy is the iodine...

Cham...this weekend got gathering...Toro sure pai seh facing his friend...haha

Poor Toro

Remember in my previous post, Imentioned that Toro got some skin problem but I got no idea about what problem is that?? I am going to bring him to vet tomorrow morning because I found out that the problem spread already although not serious. Hopefully he can recover soon.

notty Mika~~ -_- and cuttie Jiro

Still remember Mika???haha...she a naughty gal....taught Miko how to simply pee end up, i have to clean their cage everyday!! thanks,Mika for your best gift for this coming Christmas... No choice, have to cage them in the wired cage to make my life easy.

Now the only thing I hope is that Miko will not simple pee poo within this few days...:)

While for my little hermit, is the closed up photo....he really me ..

and this is his crabitat...I think should be big enough for him to move around. The drift wood is for him to climb and the bedding is small gravel mixed with crushed carol sand...Plan to get some beach sand for him but have to wait until I go to beach...haha

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jiro, the hermit

Yesterday, I've finished typing my update and while I clicked on the "Publish Post" button, suddenly my computer window's error appeared. WTF......caused me have to retype all the update again. End up, didnt update my blog. So as replacement, I retype again. Cham...

Oh ya...proudly introduce to you all, Jiro, the hermit...I got him( i think is a male) yesterday on the way back from my customer's place from bukit Jalil. Passed by PetFamily so decided to take alook there and saw some strawberry hermit crabs..look delicious...haha....I didnt get any hermit from there because I told myself, I cant take in any pets anymore.!!! the end I successfully walked away from there without "HERMIT"....

But things changed, after the PetFamily's trip.. I went to Irene Aquarium which located near the SEAPARK 's market there....haha....cant resist to get the hermit there....all tiny and cute little hermit...So at the end, I still bring back 1 hermit crab and it is my latest additional pet into my family...There I bought a small aquarium which it will be Jiro's crabitat, some gravel and crush carol as bedding and turtle pellet and fish pellet.

* Jiro with pen

*strong fella

Monday, November 24, 2008

my photogenic guinea pigz.....

Just want to share with you all some of my guinea pig's photos... during their "gardening" session. Haha...sorry if some of the photo's quality not good...:P

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My grooming path.... the end,I still decided to share all about my pet grooming....

I felt in love with grooming when I've experienced the first time grooming my dog, Toro..
At first I never think of taking up a grooming course as I am currently persuading my third year of my degree in Information System. And this is the most critical time where I felt into dilemma between want go for the grooming course or not. I have to think of the pro and cons of the decision that I have to make. If I go for hte grooming course, I have to bare all the course 's fee myself, which this is one of the burden to me as I am still a student and I am really going for the course, I have to work part time to earn soem income to support it. At last, i 've made my decision, I chose to enroll into the grooming course and I never regret about it.

I enrolled into the grooming course that provided by DoggieHouse at Cheras on 2 of October and this is how my grooming class look like. It provides everything that I need during the class like high power air blower, bath tub with hot water shower, grooming table ...etc.

Besides paying for the fee, I have to buy 1 set of grooming's tool....which cost me RM 1K++

Here some of my extreme makeover.....enjoy ya...:P

~~~~~ Shih Tzu ~~~~~

* Before makeover

* After makeover ( side ) - puppy cut

* After makeover ( overall ) - puppy cut


* Before makeover ( few round bath )

* After makeover ( overall ) - puppy cut

~~~~~ Silky Terrier ~~~~~

* Before makeover

* After makeover ( face ) - puppy cut

* After makeover ( side ) - puppy cut

* After makeover ( overall ) - puppy cut

~~~~~ Cocker Spaniel ~~~~~

* Before makeover ( face )

* this cocker spaniel having a 2 -3 stage of cancer....

* Before makeover ( overall )

* After makeover ( overall )

what again!!!

Haiz..found this last night. Got no idea what it is and how Toro got this. So the only thing I can do for now is bath him with medicated shampoo( Malasab ) to prevent fungal and bacteria.

Yesterday morning, went to Bukit Gasing with my friend again. Haha Toro just too excited when he saw me took his harness and my car's key. He like knew that I will bring him out ...haha...

* Toro at roadside waiting for his friends..miow miow and Tasha

* Toro at the entrance into the jungle....

Today very bad luck, met two very unfriendly Malays.....complaining about our dogs and said that there no allow to bring dogs....even ask is it we cant read the board???my friend replied...ya...cant read because we never been to school...haha...funny....although is our false to bring dog there but why cant they talk politely???In this case, who never been to school???we as non muslim Malaysian even can toleranted with them no matter in economic, education priorities, but why cant they???should all the dogs in Malaysia being treated this way??? hopefully not all Malays like this......

OK...stop bout that idiot case.....come back to the usual, Toro, Miow Miow( shih tzu mix) and Tasha ( terrier mix) run here and there...and today Toro meet Daisy, a mongrel.

After that, we went for our breakfast and that place is dog freindly...even I saw a large Dobermon with his/ her owner there....really nice dog....

* Tasha , Toro and Miow Miow

me had a plate of maggie goreng wiht a glass of iced lemon tea while for Toro, Miow Miow and Tasha...each of them got 1 hard boiled egg for breakfast....nice leh...keke...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mika, the abyssinian guinea pig

Got Mika yesterday and she is a 2-3 months old abyssinian guinea pig with bi-color, black and beige. So far, she is my second guinea pig. I think I am crazy already because my pet's number keep increasing since last few months. Feelly hope that I can control myself from buying or adopting any pet anymore. If not, my mum sure kill me !!

At first, I am afraid that Miko will be aggressive torward Mika, but lucky they managed to be introduced in no time. Once I released Mika into Miko's playing area, Miko and Mika started to pop corning( pop corning is some action that a happy guinea pig will do, they will just jump like a pop corn).haha..really funny.....
* ei...stop looking at me when i m peeing!!!!
* ai ya...where my pellet???accidently dropped into the toilet....
Here some of Miko and Mika 's pop corning video clip...:P

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lucky day for Toro and Miko...

Today, wednesday's night,while on the way back from my grooming course from Cheras, passed by Tmn Connaught...saw night market ..Suddenly got the mood to walk around,hence decided to have a walk since been a long time never go night market also.Walk walk walk noticed there got 1 pet store named petsmore...haha...what a lucky day for Toro and Miko.

At first, I though that I just go in and have a look only.haiz....can't really control myself from buying things......end up spent RM 20++ Bought 1 Pigloo for Miko and few PurrrrMint sticks and Greenies for Toro..

* Toro's purrrmint and greenies

* This how Toro look like when he saw his purrr mint stick...haha

* Miko's pigloo.....

* Miko with her new pigloo.......

* Miko and Toro with the new pigloo....haha...very funny.....

Really hope that I will stop buying things for them.....but too bad, I cant throw away this habit...haha...

Toro,I'm proud of you..*-*

Proud of you,Toro......

today's first task!!!

My first task of the day for today..!!!cleaning Toro's pee and poo.!!While I was msn~ing with my friend...i heard weird sound ...shhh....shhhhhh.....turned my head around .....guess what I saw???

I saw THIS !!!!

I just .....wanted to shout out!! ..TO......RO.......!!!!!!!!

he straight away hide under my chair and looked at me while I'm cleaning his pee and poo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tired day.....

Just finish cleaning Miko's cage...very funny...while I was cleaning Miko's cage, I placed Miko's food bowl on the know what???Toro go and finished all the pellet in the bowl..Now I know Toro also like to eat Miko...haha.....
Actually now, I'm having my's dinner menu ~ ~ ~

This is my dinner ....fried pasta with cheessy chicken scallop
Ingredient :
Boiled Pasta
Brocolli ( like it very much)
Chicken breast
Sesame oil
Oyster source
Chopped garlic
Cheesy Chicken Scallop
While for Toro....

Ingredient :

Boiled pasta
Chicken Breast
Natural Balance Dog Kibbles
* can ask for the recipes if you guy wanna try it out!!!keke....
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