Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hiro, the miniature Schnauzer

This is Hiro, my boss's miniature schnauzer...a very cute , adorable ,.....schnauzer... Dont know what to type in, but still i wanna update my blog with this happening ... :)

Redang Beach

Here some of the photos that I took during my 3 days Redang Beach holiday.....Its a fun weekend. Its a company's trip and we stayed at Laguna Resort...a nice resort with nice tropical interior concept.

Monday, July 27, 2009

House Bulgary victim ..

It been a week since the case, Yorkshire Terrier being stolen by snatchers, and today, read a sad news from forum about this two shih tzu....two lovely shih tzu.. victims of house bulgary

Wawa & Bibi were STOLEN from home in Damansara Jaya, PJ, Malaysia on the 22nd of July

They are 2 short hair, light gold/brown and white colour female Shitzu cross, both weigh about 9kg, answer to the names of "Wawa" or "Bibi".

If you have any information on where abouts or have sighted any of these two dogs in the area please contact Esther on +6 012 286 5014 or Alvin on +6 016 206 7740 anytime, we would be extremely grateful for any information.

Source : http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1107206

Please spread this to all your friends...help this two adorable shih tzu .... :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

R.I.P stephy gal

Come across with this shcoking news this morning, about one of the miniature schnauzer in Lowyat.net just passed away few hours ago. Check this out, Stephy~ the lovely gal

Rest in peace, stephy

From our warmest paws


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Black GSD for adoption

Received an email this morning from my friend regarding a GSD for adoption. Met this cute fella before and he a nice GSD. So just helping this black GSD to look for good home.

He is already 4 years old and has been neutered. Below are the characteristics of the dog and his living conditions;

1.Timid and doesnt bark at human.Not a great guard dog
2.KNows some basic commands
3.Is scared to be touched under the neck and paws due to lousy training previously
4.Love walks and human companion
5.Is not good with male dogs.
6.Is currently on raw feeding.

Due to his bad past, I am setting some terms and conditions for the adoption of this boy. Terms and conditions are as stated below:-

Has to be adopted to Penang/KL/PJ only.
Must be sent for at least a basic obedience class by a trainer nominated by me.
Has to be walked/run daily to strengthen his legs and posture.
Must be kept as a companion dog and part of the family and not be treated as a guard dog only.
If possible he is to remain on raw food if not high quality kibbles only (he doesn't do well with kibbles).
Adopter must be willing to work with his behavior issues with proper training from a trainer nominated by me.
Adopters must not have any male dogs in at home.
An adoption fee of RM300 will be needed to cover his medical expenses during his stay with me.

If you are interested please email at me acs_yen@hotmail.com I would want an introduction on yourself and also on your past experience in handling dogs. Also it would be good if you can tell me about your views on my terms and conditions.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Victim of snatchers~ update

Thanks God, this poor little doggie found her owner this evening. Thanks to all kind hearted who help to spread this news.

My friend brought this poor little doggie for the microchip scanning and managed to track the owner of this dog.

And the owner of this doggie told that she put the doggie bag and her own bag together in the car, then suddenly someone broke the glasses and grabbed all the bag. This happen yesterday around 12 something near taman Megah. So just precaution, please be aware of this who every lives near by this hot spot


Happy birthday mum ~ Happy barkday Shiro

Today, 14 July, is my mum's birthday and Shiros barkday. But too bad, i cant celebrate with my mum because i have to work today. So as replacement, I celebrated her birthday yesterday. By the way, Shiro 's barkday on today too...haha....
*Enjoying although it just a simple celebration

*My mum
*Shiro Toro posing with cake
*Big family :)
*4 little monsters
*Handsome Happy
Happy Birthday Mum....love u always :)

4th day ~

My dad ventured into bird's nest business. So this day, i went to his farming area...where the construction still in progress. *Customized ceiling for the swallow to create their nest
*An open area where it allows swallow to fly in and out without any obstracle

*Whole wall painted black because swallow like dark

Today, Toro,Yuki,Shiro and Happy will enjoy chicken wings as their treat.
*Toro wallop 2 wings within 10 mins
*Only Toro know how to enjoy the raw

*And Happy ~ :)
*Picky Yuki
Captured some of the their sleeping face during night time :)

3RD Day ~ Happy aka Hei Hei

Today, sunny saturday, fetched Happy aka Hei Hei, the pekengese. Still remember him??My aunty adopted him few months back.
This is the busiest day for my weekend, I have to groom all 3 monsters and Hei Hei.Exhausted....-_-' but enjoying the process. For me, grooming our own dogs is the best activities to bond with our dogs. So no matter how busy I m,how lazy I m, i will still do the grooming by my own instead of sending them to pet shop to settle the cleaning for me.
So this day, everyone of them will having a nice grooming and they will enjoy the spa bath...since i got a packet of bath salt from the grooming competition by Esthe Pet.
*Toro enjoying his spa

*Yuki~ think of ways to escape from the tub -_-'

*Shiro ~ pretending that he is enjoyinh but in fact, he also try to escape from the tub

*Happy enjoying the session :)

*Toro and Happy posing after the spa session

2ND day ~

Woke up early this day because been assigned to Yong Peng this day.So woke up around 6.30am and went for a early breakfast session with my parent :) then start my Yong Peng journey. It 's took me about an hour journey to reach Yong Peng.

So nothing much to write about this day.....just a short video clip to update all my readers :) hope you guyz enjoy the clip :P

1St day ~ meet toro,Yuki ,shiro....

During thursday evening, i cant wait to get home straight away after work. Although last week is my hard week( *got summon on that afternoon, my car's air con spoiled, sick for 2 days), but for me, as long as i can get home, meet my family and my dogs...i dont care to go thru all the hard time..:)

More than a month since my last visit home. The first thing when i get home, haha...all my dogs ran toward me and lick me...haha..you can feel how much they miss you,

Still remember him?? haha.....Toro ...at last , i met him last weekend and i m enjoying the time with all my dogs....

Here is toro whorecam~ing with his new hat that i bought from SPCA during the Dog Day 2009 at chin woo stadium.

That will be a very nice weekend for me and 4 little monsters. Got them few toys from the event as well but everythings gone within 10 mins. A toy ball and a soft toy destroyed by Shiro, the biting devil within few mins. -_-'

Yorkshire terrier found in PJS1, victim of snatchers

Helping out this poor little doggie. She is a yorkshire terrier. I believed she is the victim of snatcher...One of my friend informed me about this dog and now she is under my friend's care.

Someone saw two malay guys threw a bag with this poor little dog in it. We believed that the two malay guys robbered someone and at first they thought it is just a normal bag, and they never expect that it is a dog carrier. So end up, they just dumped the dog like that at the roadside.

This incident took place at PJS1. I believed that those two stupid fellas robbered the dog near by PJS1....please help me to spread this news as it is a sad news for the dog and also the owner because they miss each other.

Anyone who know this doggie or saw her before, do email me at ah_tor@hotmail.com . I will screen everyone who email me regarding the ownership of this poor doggie :)

Help Guru Guru

Its always a sad news when you have to rehome a dog again and again.Still remember an afghan hound that i groomed few months back?? click here -> Guru Guru

He is now available for adoption and what i can do just....hope that he can get a good home soon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cant wait for the day....

Another busy weekend for me, last week....my life messed up with the grooming competition, the petworld event at mid valley.Alot need to follow up and only one word can describe it.....'exhausted'....-_-'

Took alot photos during the 3 days event.

About the grooming competition,...hmmm didnt get any prizes because...i dont really know what i m doing also during the competition ...too blur and tired ...-_- like alwayzz.. :P.this my first time participating in such competition and this will be my first experience after 6 mths in grooming world.

Lastly i can enjoy this weekend with Toro,.haha...going back Johor for 3 days.hopefully he still remember me :P
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