Saturday, May 2, 2009

u know what happen to your dog if u lost them??

There are few answers
1. Death ( better, at least no need to suffer for nothing)
Possibility of them banged by car is higher than stray.

2. Transfering ownership(good if in a good owner)
Pick up by other who later become your dog's new owner.

3. Hunger to death
Do not have survival skill since pet dogs are over pampered by thier owner. So looking for food outside is hard for them.

4. Diseases
Infected by other dog.

5. Fall into breeder's hand(life = breeding machine)
When your dog fall into breeder's hand, their nightmare starts.

* Few dogs found by a breeder, these dog's life end up tied to a tree under the sun and their responsibility is to breed for thier rescuer.

* The place where they will be caged and breed, the atmosphere definitely not for a good living


3ggNurs3 said...

Gosh...this will make the ppl who lost their dog feel really really bad :( I hope boyboy is in good hands now... sigh..

Victoria Yuletile said...

I hope my Happy! (the Pekingnese you found for us) will never be missing!

jason86 said...

egnas~ dun worry much ya..

victoria~ nice pantie there...keke....

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