Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toro's update

At last, toro with me now. And i swifted to a new placewhere i am allowed to bring toro along. Here some of toro's updates.
Toro and his new friend, a cocker spaniel. a very friendly cocker that keep on waiting for toro at the front gate... can you see how friendly he was??

Here are some of the cookies's photos that i captured few days back. .. . At first it is for abby(agnes's toy poodle), carol, lulu.. but end up, i threw it away few days ago because it cant keep for more than a week(no preservative added). *Chicken & Parsley biscuit.

* Orange: Carrot cookies


SaSa said...

yeah, finally Toro can stay with you, you must be very very happy lol :)cant wait to see Toro on the gathering !

jason86 said...

haha...yyaya.... i bet he missed your princess and prince badly .haha

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