Monday, March 7, 2011

Toilet training Mocha

Since I'm using CC Cage for Mocha, peepoo is the major problem that I am facing now. Hence i decided to toilet train her.

After 1 week of poop picking,Mocha is now 70% toilet trained...To toilet train mocha,I prepared a tray with some bedding in it and placed it near to Mocha's Hay section... For the first day, i picked up all the poops that she made into the tray... I've been doing this for the past few days and it seems to work well for her. It really feels good to see the fruits of my hardwork at least I dont have to cleaning the cage every alternate day.
*Mocha's Toilet

*Mocha's temporary CC Cage


Tiramisu said...

geng wo hehehe

Jason said...

at last, you start blogging again..haha welcome back

Tiramisu said...

Back with Lex for good, now looking for a job :)

Jason said...

where your location now ?

Tiramisu said...


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