Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello guy....this is Sonata, my customer's cat. She is a senior adult white persian. She is really cute.While with her, I had a hard time grooming her. She keep running away and hide under the cupboard. I used up 3 hours to complete the grooming. Cute right???keke...I thought every cat afraid of water but not for Sonata...she just sitting in the basin calmly let me bath her.

The hardest part for me when grooming cat is that when they managed to run away and hide under someplace. The scariest thing happen. They give the friendly face expression but once you pulled them out, they bite you out of sudden..
* another experience for me ..(:P)


3ggNurs3 said...

wow...u can groom!!!!! the grooming session in ur house? toro won't bark at the cat?

jason86 said...

yes...i groomed tha cat at my customer's place...

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