Thursday, November 26, 2009

jason's busy month

Gosh, almost a month i never update my blog... again.,,.. Dont know why all the bad luck came toward me, still remember i 'm in an accident last time??

I got my car back after 1 month in the workshop....and what happened next?? I lost my car few weeks ago. What the hell happened on me?? i m so pissed off because i m not only lost my car, but also all my grooming equipments and other things that i kept in the car.. Everyone keep telling me that "There are always blue skies after the dark clouds" but real or not is still a myth

You judge it then

Lost my car, then i ordered a car(will get it next week ) :)
Lost my grooming equipments, then no more side income for my entertaintment (so boring):(

The greatest news got after the incident was, Yuki now the mother of 3.. and i m the one who help her when she deliver. yes..... .. . . (no blue skies but sunshine after the dark clouds)

Will update my blog again with ton of the photos ... later..

*Sweetie little doggies :)
And another good news is ...i gained 5 kg in just a month. -_-' Who can resist all the food huh?? keke...

*Breakfast at Ah Xian Dim Sum restaurant

*Famous claypot chicken rice for my dinner

*Warm meal for a raining season-hongkies style steamboat

Now i believed there is always sunshine after dark clouds although no blue skies.. :)


SaSa said...

wow, finally u update your blog, sorry to hear about your bad luck thingy.. anyway CONGRATE that u become grandpa oredi, hehe!!

jason86 said...

haha....yaya ....thx thx

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