Monday, November 30, 2009

Yuki's puppies

Been three weeks since my last visit. They are growing bigger and healthier..Here some of my sweetie's photos :-
Three weeks old
* sweet little gal

*The youngest prince cham

*the pink nose dai gor

* My lovely yuki nursing her pups.


Janz said...

Awww... they r so adorable... R u planning to keep all of them? Yuki look proud as a mom as she was feeding her lil pups..

Lotsa huggies to all of them

jason86 said...

hello janz~

i cant keep all the pups as i got 3 dogs in the house will be a disaster for me if i keep all the pups later...haha

Santa and Minnie said...

More, more, more pictures please, they are so adorable! Wish I can hold them...hehehe...Does Shiro know that those are his pups?

jason86 said...

santa~ shiro dont even knw aboutthe pup..cos i dont let him go near...afraid he step on them..cos he is too hyper ..haha

Jolene said...

cute...all is white color...

jason86 said...


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