Sunday, February 15, 2009

Relaxing day for me ...dont really feel comfortable at home, after groom Shiro...i went to The alone....from Ikano shop til The Curve then from The Curve to Kelana Jaya.

At Ikea,..saw this cactus....look cute and since my room dont have any greens,,...then I decided to buy them.Very's only RM6++ for 3 pots

* Little hedgehog in my room :)

Everytime went to The Curve sure will stop by Pet Safari to grab something for my dogs. Got them a packet of Jerhigh Cheese Cookie, Sleeky dog chew and the other 2 packets are freebie~s.

* Never try the cheese cookie before:)

* Toro with dogchew..

* Shiro chewing...
For my dinner, i went to Sushi King, Ikano and ordered Curry chicken chop japanese...chicken katsu if not mistaken...and few side dishes...

*The curry looks sad...:(

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Trinie said...

wow u got so many dogs..

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