Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1St day ~ meet toro,Yuki ,shiro....

During thursday evening, i cant wait to get home straight away after work. Although last week is my hard week( *got summon on that afternoon, my car's air con spoiled, sick for 2 days), but for me, as long as i can get home, meet my family and my dogs...i dont care to go thru all the hard time..:)

More than a month since my last visit home. The first thing when i get home, haha...all my dogs ran toward me and lick me...haha..you can feel how much they miss you,

Still remember him?? haha.....Toro ...at last , i met him last weekend and i m enjoying the time with all my dogs....

Here is toro whorecam~ing with his new hat that i bought from SPCA during the Dog Day 2009 at chin woo stadium.

That will be a very nice weekend for me and 4 little monsters. Got them few toys from the event as well but everythings gone within 10 mins. A toy ball and a soft toy destroyed by Shiro, the biting devil within few mins. -_-'

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