Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Victim of snatchers~ update

Thanks God, this poor little doggie found her owner this evening. Thanks to all kind hearted who help to spread this news.

My friend brought this poor little doggie for the microchip scanning and managed to track the owner of this dog.

And the owner of this doggie told that she put the doggie bag and her own bag together in the car, then suddenly someone broke the glasses and grabbed all the bag. This happen yesterday around 12 something near taman Megah. So just precaution, please be aware of this who every lives near by this hot spot



Squidö said...

omg.. ppl now is so HORRIBLE!!
BREAK D car glass??!? huhhh
Great to hear that the doggie got back to it owner

jason86 said...

ya...terrible -_-'

Leonard Lim said...

Its good news but the residents still need to learn their part to prevent such things.

Leaving bags in the car?? No where is safe in doing that, even you are in Australia or France, such crime is very common. Yes, Taman Megah is a hotspot for such things since i am living there and getting news about robbery in daylight as people in THAT area would just stand there and watch instead of helping.

jason86 said...

it is always malaysian's style of not being helpfull during emergency cases....no choice....wat to do??besides equip ourself with karatea......tae kwando...wakaka
if can bring along samurai sword whenever we go out...wakaka...crapping

♥玮倩 said...

Came over from Santa's blog after reading about it! Am glad that the doggy found its owner!

best regards

jason86 said...

hello....ya....thanks god :)

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