Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3RD Day ~ Happy aka Hei Hei

Today, sunny saturday, fetched Happy aka Hei Hei, the pekengese. Still remember him??My aunty adopted him few months back.
This is the busiest day for my weekend, I have to groom all 3 monsters and Hei Hei.Exhausted....-_-' but enjoying the process. For me, grooming our own dogs is the best activities to bond with our dogs. So no matter how busy I m,how lazy I m, i will still do the grooming by my own instead of sending them to pet shop to settle the cleaning for me.
So this day, everyone of them will having a nice grooming and they will enjoy the spa bath...since i got a packet of bath salt from the grooming competition by Esthe Pet.
*Toro enjoying his spa

*Yuki~ think of ways to escape from the tub -_-'

*Shiro ~ pretending that he is enjoyinh but in fact, he also try to escape from the tub

*Happy enjoying the session :)

*Toro and Happy posing after the spa session

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