Thursday, August 6, 2009

Convocation on 9 of August 09

Collected my convocation attire yesterday and like traditional UTAR culture.. Q~ing for the attire took me about 2 hours ...this definitely a very hard day for us since I almost fainted inside the hall...with no air flowing into the hall, it actually suffocating everyone inside the hall. Lucky before collect the attire, we went for our lunch at Old Town. And tell you not order this...Old Town set lunch~ set 5 - Fish n Fries .....strongly
not recommended

Finally, come to the end for my university life....but still, i cant really imagine how my future gonna be... a boss??a normal staff for a company?? or i just nothing??

After collected the attire, we need to Q up again for the second time to get our card scanned at another counter. I just dont understand why they just cant did everything in one shoot... (-_-')
I left campus about 430 pm and rushed to 1Utama Shopping center to get few items for my dad ...end up.....didnt get any for my dad but I spent about RM300 for myself....

Got myself few shirts, jeans....from Giordano and Reebok from Studio R
Not to forget about my book ~ The Tipping Point : How a little Things Can Make a Big Different by Malcolm Gladwell

Surprised right, Jason got himself a "BOOK". My mum will be thankful to God if she knw this :)
Looking forward for my convocation this sunday,9 August 2009.... . . . . :)


Karen a.k.a Moli said...

Hello Jason.. Never know you're Utarian. What course are you taking actually?

Leonard Lim said...

Old Town White Coffee... FISH AND CHIPS! first thing in my mind, oh noes, you ordered that oil packed set. Its super oily, salty from the fries and its not worth at all! :p

That is one hell of a good book, self improvement eh? Glad to see you are going on the right track. Keep it up!

jason86 said...

karen~ haha...u utarian???

leo~ haha....yaya....keke....

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