Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hit and Run

Come across this news when i am browsing in and found this....

About The Pet

This poor dog was hit by a car at Ipoh area, she is expecting her babies at the moment, her location was at Ipoh bercham bougainvillae club area..., a kind Indian Security Guard brought her to see a vet at Ipoh and the vet suggested to put her to sleep.

The Indian Security Guard refused the vet's suggestion and brought her back to Ipoh bercham bougainvillae club area, now hoping to hv a cage for her 1st, bcoz right now she is still wondering on the road with her severely injured leg, and very likely will get hit by cars again.

She needs medication immediately, may need to amputate the injured leg, but, hope to save her babies as well even it wld hv no choice but to put her to sleep.

She is a very freindly lovable dog.

If anyone wishes to help esp at Ipoh area, plz call 016-5573167 for Venis.


Life With Dogs said...

Oh how sad - I hope somebody helps!

jason86 said...

ya .... human nowaday

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