Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It is crabbyday...still remember this little fella??my hermit collection..2 of my hermitz dead because failure in molting process. But this little fella growing bigger and bigger. Too bad, cant really find more shell for him to replace with the current one..

Will get him a new house as soon as possible....


little hermit :
u better get me a house...i prefer ....this type of shell house

jason :
you like "show off" (-_-')
little hermit :
so artistic
jason :
u'll look like porn star...kekeke....
little hermit :
then i want this

jason :
-_-"....wonder what type of hermit are u???look for burberry,LV,tommy,Gucci,nike shell!!!
little hermit :
u said i m a porn star, then i deserved all this...keke and please...i need a luxury crabitat like this..

jason :

Here a short video clip of him wondering in my room....

*some of the photo I grabbed from other the references:)


SaSa said...

haha..can give him the snail's shell o not ;P

jason86 said...

i think can gua..keke...nvr try b4. ...

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