Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

I am honoured to receive this award from Santa, a pretty girl. Thank you.

IN receiving this award, I am supposed to share with you all 10 honest things about me. Come...here 10 honest things about us :-

1. I love to lick my front paw
2. I love to seek for attention from Jason
3. I love my little mr.ribena
4. I hate Jason when he play with Shiro
5. I love KFC (grab from Jasons dustbin)
6. I am afraid of massanger device ( notti jason )
7. I loveto show off my tricks
8. I miss Miko
9. I love jungle treking
10. I am afraid of thunder

1. I like to hump Toro
2. I like to jump like crazy when get excited
3. I like to bark for attention
4. I love Yuki's butt...(sexy)
5. I love KFC (grabing from dustbin with Toro)
6. I know only two basic commands - sit and down
7. I am not enjoying when Jason on leash me
8. I love humping
9. I love Toro's fur ( for biting purpose)
10. I hate Jason when he ignore me when I need attention

This rules are that you must oass the name and link of the doggie who gave you this award and then you must pass this award onto other blog authors who you want to know a bit more about. I would like to pass this award to :[

Elsie Liew - Cooper & Rubie
Sinv - Amos, Boey & Chico


♥玮倩 said...

Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it to me! :]

best regards

jason86 said...


Santa said...

Nice getting to know more about Toro and Shiro.

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