Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yuki's condition

Went back to my hometown last week and it turned up a long hour grooming session. Used up more than 5 hours to groom Yuki. She is seriously tangled and matted like crazy. I cant even cut the fur using scissor...try to imagine how serious the fur matted.

yuki before grooming

yuki before grooming

moody yuki after grooming

yuki at her lowest point
ignore Toro


Sinv said...

got yuki full body photos?can see shaved muzzle only from the last 2 pic. so long din see yuki.

jason86 said...

she botak hard to capture..she keep hide under the bed if got chance...cant pull her out....but tis few days my mum said she started to get used to it d...palying v toro n shiro d...will upload once i get the chance to capture

eLsie Liew said...

eh me also longtime no see yuki ler

kerrieleow said...

lolz...she shy shy lar..

jason86 said...

haha...c whn got chnace...i bring her up..:P

SaSa said...

looks totally different after grooming wo~

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