Thursday, April 2, 2009


Just found out this news online...been away for sometimes because of my busy schedule...

DBKL pound having an issue regarding inhumanity ways of killing those strays few weeks back and now, another wave come out saying that the pound animals being used as guinea pig for UPM veterinary science student. what all this???

Some say since we can use mice and rat as guinea pig for an experiment, why not dog or cat?? from my point of view..i think that rat and mice 's life span just for 1-2 years but for dogs and cats, they can survived up to 15 years . So this the main point, will u kill a human for experiment??if then why not using human as guinea pig???

2020 vision, what its all about??unethical citizen??killing for nothing??i believed that no single religious in Malaysia allows there followers to do something like this. but why this still happen???

for all the pet lovers out there...pls rise your voice for those strayzzz........voice it to META...

Pound animals used for research -star Saturday March 14, 2009
It is a normal practice for students of Veterinary Sciences to use animals like dogs and cats for research but only after they are humanely put to sleep, Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) deputy direcor-general (development) Dr Ibrahim Che Embong said.

He was responding to a complaint by a reader that students at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the University Putra Malaysia (UPM) are using live animals supplied by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for experiments.

However, he said the department had no knowledge of any long-standing arrangement by UPM with the DBKL to supply dogs from their pounds for research.

We do not have any information on this nor is the faculty required to inform us of such arrangements to use pound animals for their training,? said Ibrahim.

He said although DVS opposed the use of abandoned animals from pounds and shelters, he was sure that the UPM had their own reasons to use pound dogs supplied by DBKL as claimed.

He added that when he was a student, he never came across healthy animals being used for research although sometimes mongrels (mangy looking and diseased) that were put to sleep were used for experiments and lab tests.

Sometimes dead animals are brought in for anatomy and pathology studies for the veterinary students to have hands-on practice. The animals are then either buried or incinerated,? he added.

Ibrahim said abandoned animals in pounds and shelters already suffering from fear and distress of losing their carers.

He added that if there were objections from the public that their use in research should not be condoned, then such practices should be re-evaluated.

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