Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2nd day of work

Too not my day. Forgot to log off my pc while i am not around and my "BOSS" come and use the PC. .....DIE....DIE...DIE....

somemore my friend nudge me thru msn...
Forget bout that, started GardenHood inFacebook yesterday and this is my garden. I know it is abit sissy for a guy to play those gal's game but too boring, nothing to do...haha.....

*2nd day after flower seeding

Haha...besides Gardenhood, i started with the farming game few month and because of busy schedule, i m not logging in for few weeks. All my plants wasted because lazy to do the harvesting job.keke

*Neglected for few weeks

*Hire worker to harvest my fruits trees

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