Thursday, June 11, 2009


A long night again ....ending my day with the farming in Facebook and blogging around....Here is my farm, and found that it is really boring especially when come to the harvesting part..

How my life today?? usual,wake up at 730am...prepare myself then go office.....completing my tasks of the day then out for lunch....continue my tasks them off....
Now I understand why working can be so tired!!haha...because we are doing the same thing again and again until we reached 55 years old...which is our retirement age that only if we re lucky enough to have some saving during young time....If not, work until u cant work anymore...haha...

Nowadays, more and more pets for adoption everywhere....but what to do??we dun have much choices other than helping them out. Just a reminder for new pet owners out not buy on impulse where u can actually end up their life in cage, adoption center or even worst .....!!death!!. think twice before you get one...and for those that want to adopt, do not adopt on impulse, many owners nowaday, opps...sorry...trouble makers, they adopt but put the pet up for adoption again after few weeks or few months later with the excuses like do not have time for them, cant afford, allergy...whatever fucking excuses that you can get from them. Since then why still adopt??Adoption is not about fun is about your commitment with the pets that you want to adopt. Even you adopt a small, tiny little creature like hermit still have to think about the commitment that you can take after that.. Cost, Time , Responsiblity, ethic ,Commitment always at the first priority when comes to adoption.


Cost ~ Are yOu WiLlInG tO GiVe pAy foR thE Vet BIlL If yOu pEt sICk??
Time~ Do you HaVe tHe TiMe fOr tHe pEt??
Responsibility~ArE YoU ReAdY tO PiCk uP YOuR DoG'S pOo PoO??
ethic~ WiLL yOu tReaT YoU aDoptED PeT As A BreEDinG mAcHine foR THe puRpoSe oF GaININg ProFIT??
Commitment ~ aRe YoU ReAdy For tHiS??

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