Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dog Day 2009

This is the first time went to Dog day event, located at Chin Woo stadium. Will always remember today....stucked in the jam and wonder around KL for more than 1 hour..the traffic in KL this mornign terrible because of the Marathon.

Random photos that i took today :-


Diana said...

Too bad I couldn't go.

jason86 said...

nvm..petworld u must go!!!keke

Amber-Mae said...

I was there! Not sure if you noticed me. We saw that sweet little Golden too but the owner should NOT have brought a 1 month old puppy out in public. It's very dangerous as it can either contract a virus from another dog or he gets eaten alive by a big dog!

Solid Gold Momma

jason86 said...

amber-Mae~ izit u with 2 GR and 1 dalmantion?? i cant really recognise u..:P sorry.

so this weekend you will be at petworld? if yes, see you there, remember if see me, come n say HI to me ya..:P

zen said...

We decided not to go in the end coz we knew it will be jam & very crowded coz the stadium is small. But we will be going to the UPM one.

jason86 said...

zen~ ooo..great..u going to the upm about this weekend at mid valley??

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Ops...I left my previous comment using my blog instead of Twinkle ID. Haha, no wonder you left a msg in my blog. Yes, Twinkle is my little doggy.

Im not going to MidValley this weekend coz I need to go back hometown.

zen aka Twinkle's mommy

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