Sunday, June 7, 2009

New crabitat for Jiro

Moving house today...exhausted....after unpack all my stuff, I setup a new crabitat for Jiro. Thx to Leo..for the sponsor...Jiro appreciated alot.....Few months back, online purchased a packet of coconut fiber and I got it today...hooo ray........from the pic below ...the dark brown color is the coconut fiber...while next to it, is beach sand which is finer than the white sand that filled whole crabitat. Need to get another plate tomorrow for the salt water supply.
The first thing Jiro did when get into his new crabitat is looking for a nice shell...and this the shell that she chose.....

Thx LeO!!!


Leonard Lim said...

Haha no problem, no problem. Glad to see Jiro likes the cave and everything else :D Starting to remind most of my crabs activities with those decorations.

Alternative placement solution for the cave is to make a dig in to the sand. Exposing the cave entrance.

Very well done to the decorations. Put a driftwood between the coconut fiber and the sand to act as a bridge.

jason86 said...

thx leo...will do it....but i left my driftwood at my old house...will get it 2moro

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