Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chinchilla aka totoro

Any idea what is this?? mouse with bushy tail??gerbil with squirrel's face??haha..this is chinchilla..long mau in cantonese...they look cute right??They are from rodent family and they cannot survive in hot weather.So they should keep in air conditioned room to prevent them suffer from hot weather especially in Malaysia where the weather is damn HOT...even we,human cant even take it.
In the wild, chinchilla's diet consists of plant, flower, seed and insect but all this are not suitable for domestic chinchilla where domestic chinchilla's food are mainly hay and pellet. Like guinea pig, hay is the staple food for them and they cannot take much fresh food such as vegetable and fruits because they got a very sensitive stomach where too much fresh food can caused diarhea.
One more thing about them, they are good jumper....they can jump up to 5ft where it is equivalent to 1.5 m. From the face and mouth's shape, you can know that they are good chewer as well. Chewing is the most the most all animals in rodents family will do.GUinea pig, hamster, gerbil all like to chew but for chinchilla...they even worst...they are destroyer...they can chew anything that is wood or plastic made. So to avoid them from chewing, the food bowl that they using must made from prevent the chinchilla from chewing up the bowl instead of the food that placed in the bowl.

Chinchilla do not require bath. Bathing sand is the best cleaning material for chinchilla where the sand can actually remove the natural oil from their their fur.By this, it can clean the chinchilla, remove oil that appeared on the fur and you will enjoy their sand bathing session.
From dog, cat, rodents like guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, fat tailed gerbil, to fishes like marine tank, live bear, goldfish....and now is the time i learn more about chinchilla...


Tiramisu said...

How many Chinchilla you have? Can open pet shop liao hehe

jason86 said...

haha...-_-' not frenszzz.

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