Sunday, October 26, 2008

OMG!!!what happen???

Just finish my dinner...Today dont know why Shiro vomit and diarrhea. Used 2 hours to clean him and clean the place. Those watery poo poo stick on the toilet tray and the floor. Somemore some of the poo poo dried up already even make my cleaning task harder. I had to clean my room with Dettol solution to prevent any unwanted visitor. His body just like after playing with mud,......hard to remove the dried poo and the pee.......

Before you look at the photo, as enjoy your meal after this....:)

Why this happen?? I've never experienced this before, I do not know what to do now. Although he is vomitting and "lau sai" but he still active and playing with Toro and Yuki. Hope he will be OK soon and nothing wrong with his health.

Now what I can do is to hand feed him kibbles every few hours in small amount so that he can digest the kibbles completely.

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