Monday, October 27, 2008

Guinea pig not pig from Guinea

Guinea pig is a friendly rodent compared to hamster. They wont bite unless in stressed up condition. Miko,my peruvian guinea pig totally not afraid of my dogs. Hhaha...even dare to go near and sniff sniff my dogs....Yesterday, Shiro allowed to go near Miko for the first time and he just so excited and keep bang~ing the cage.

Everytime when I let Toro roaming freely in my house, the first thing he will do is go sniff Miko and so do Miko. Toro can just lay down beside the cage and look at Miko for few hours. Amazing right for those who know Toro's personality because Toro is a hyper dog.

Guinea pig a a herbivor. Hay and pellet is their main menu in their meal. Besides hay and pellet, fresh fruit and vege can be add in as supplement for them. Before this I just think that guinea pig 's food is the same as rabbit's food but I m totally wrong. Because the nutrient intake for rabbit is different from the nutrient that guinea pig need. So, do research and study before you plan to get one.

There are varietiesof guinea pig breed from short haired to long and silky hair. Peruvian and sheltie are my favourite breeds.This two breeds are long hair breed and require more grooming care. Although they are not easy to take care but I do not think that way. So do wait for my update second guinea pig ...soon...haha..

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lil said...

where u buy the pagar? so nice

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