Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Just came back from Hand n paws, today Dr.Lai and Dr. Jenny not in. So Dr. Mervin check on Shiro. While waiting for Shiro's turn, Shiro looks nervous and keep making noise..(sound like crying but not crying).

He keep looking at Dr. Mervin's room and I was thinking that he can sense the doctor's smell...haha

Once Shiro in the treatment room, the first thing he do is poo~ing.....not just once, but twice...end up Dr Mervin need to clean the poo..lucky today's poo are not watery and bloody..

After a whole body checkup, lucky....nothing serious. just some stomach upset and infection.

So now, Shiro have to fasting for today and only can have few pieces of boiled chicken per meal for few days. And this is what Shiro have to take for a week.....

* Nervous look...

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