Sunday, October 26, 2008

please stop animal cruelty

Animal cruelty. Its say alot of things in two words. Cruelty is something that one one should go through ....yet animal go through it everyday. Animal deserved the right to live and they do not deserved to be treated that way, they live because of us, they die because of us, they do not have voice to speak we as pet owner out there....we the only voice for those abused animal.

My mind started to think about the animal abuse and cruelty after i saw those dogs from dog farm. Their life just as big as a 1m x 1m cage and they never got the chance to know how the ground feel like and they dont even know what is love from owner are. What they know is that we, as human are scary creature who beat them, torturing them.... Their life just like a breeding machine or gambling games for human. For those who purposely breed pet for sale, please do think that your pet helping you to earn money, so they deserved the right to get what they deserved. Provide them enough food to eat.....not those hypermarket brand like pedigree or human consumption. Provide them medical treatment and provide them bigger compaun for them to run and play. I dont think this is difficult for a breeder to provide all this as you all already earned alot from your pet. Dude.....please use your brain and think of it. No offences human are greedy creature

I was thinking that why Malaysia got such case ???who to blamed???buyer or breeder???

Me as a groomer, what i can do is to let those pet be pretty and handsome as I can at least for once in their life.

*A mother dog nursing her puppies by the side of a dead dog body

Human 's life just like a burning of a candle. Once it reached it 's end, no matter what we do, also cant help. So we must appreciate every single second in our life, same goes to our pet too. For them, we are their only hope...we gave them food, we provide them shelter, we love them. Even thought I'm not a good owner but I really tried my best to provided them all the best since they with me. I really dont know what those irresponsible owner think about thier pet.

Stupid potential owner=> never ever get a pet if u cant commit with them. Once u got them, you have to be responsible for their whole life until their last breath.

Definition of PET from wikipedia : Pet generally refers to a companion animal.

I' m totally disagree with this. I do not think that pet is a companion animal. For me, pet needs love from thier owner, pet understand us whenever we need them and pet not just a COMPANION ANIMAL.

Please do help those unfaithful pet contact spca if you found that your neighbour abusing their pet.

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