Friday, October 24, 2008

introduction of my pet

Finally i decided to have my own pet blog. here are my family's member.

This is toro, the miniature schanuzer. he is now 1 year and 4 mths. he is my first pet dog. He is a fast learner and he knw lots of tricks.

I got him when he still 3 mths old and because he is my first pet dog, i got no idea how to toilet trained him. So end up, he still dont knw how to do his business at the right place. For now, he only do his business when i walked him every morning.

Toro a very clever dog and i m proud of him. He been with me for 1 year ++ already and now he knw what he can do and what he cant. he knews lotz of tricks and i uploaded a videoclip of him .....enjoy ya....:)

Here Yuki, the cream toy poodle. I got her when i got my salary work as promoter. Actually i bought her for my mum as birthday present...but no matter how, she still my lovely gal. Although she do not knw much trick as Toro did, but she knw some trick that Toro cant do....keke......wanna know????keke

She been with me for almost 6 months already and she is 100% toilet tray trained. When i got her home for the first time, she already started to bully Toro by biting Toro's beard and leg. Haha....funny to look at them a small tiny pup bully a Toro

My third comer, a guinea pig. Miko. She is peruvian breed and her color is greyish brown. Actually i adopted her from a forumer and her age unknown but estimated around more than 1 year old.

I never knew that guinea pig can be toilet trained as well. I used a week to toilet train her. She really a gorgeous. Plan to get her a companion as she lonely whenever i m not around.

Lastly, my recent comer and also my third dog, Shiro, a white toy poodle. I adopted him few days ago. That time when i just brought him back, his condition really bad, too thin and his coat tangled badly. I suspect his previous owner torturing him because when you hug him, you can only feel the bone and skin. No fat at all....Beside is the photo that i took when he just arrived home. He look like a lamb to me...haha

No matter how he look like, I will still love him as this is become my responsibility once i adopt him.

For now, my only wish is to make him fat ....keke

Here some of Shiro's look after grooming...

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