Friday, November 21, 2008

Mika, the abyssinian guinea pig

Got Mika yesterday and she is a 2-3 months old abyssinian guinea pig with bi-color, black and beige. So far, she is my second guinea pig. I think I am crazy already because my pet's number keep increasing since last few months. Feelly hope that I can control myself from buying or adopting any pet anymore. If not, my mum sure kill me !!

At first, I am afraid that Miko will be aggressive torward Mika, but lucky they managed to be introduced in no time. Once I released Mika into Miko's playing area, Miko and Mika started to pop corning( pop corning is some action that a happy guinea pig will do, they will just jump like a pop corn).haha..really funny.....
* ei...stop looking at me when i m peeing!!!!
* ai ya...where my pellet???accidently dropped into the toilet....
Here some of Miko and Mika 's pop corning video clip...:P


yenlu said...

I wan mika....!!!

muchan said...

Jason... T_________T
she looks happy there.. ><
and now starting to miss her abit sobsob

jason86 said...

muchan~~no worries la...u can ask for her video clip or photo anytime....u even can come visit her...:p

yenlu~hmmm....let me think bout it man wait ya

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