Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Going back home tomorrow...

Tomorrow will be the first time Shiro meet my family....can't wait to be at home.....haha....but is also the last day Yuki at my place. Yuki been here for about a month already and she really enjoy her stay here, playing with Toro and Shiro..chasing here and there ....playing grass with Shiro....kacau~ing Miko.....haha....and sick also sick together. I really afraid that she cant adapt to her previous life which she used to be alone and playing with my sister only.

Hopefully everything will be just fine and they all have a nice week over there...haha....
Tomorrow Toro, Yuki, Shiro, Miko and me will start our journey back to Johor around 4 pm and hopefully not raining.

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