Sunday, November 23, 2008

My grooming path.... the end,I still decided to share all about my pet grooming....

I felt in love with grooming when I've experienced the first time grooming my dog, Toro..
At first I never think of taking up a grooming course as I am currently persuading my third year of my degree in Information System. And this is the most critical time where I felt into dilemma between want go for the grooming course or not. I have to think of the pro and cons of the decision that I have to make. If I go for hte grooming course, I have to bare all the course 's fee myself, which this is one of the burden to me as I am still a student and I am really going for the course, I have to work part time to earn soem income to support it. At last, i 've made my decision, I chose to enroll into the grooming course and I never regret about it.

I enrolled into the grooming course that provided by DoggieHouse at Cheras on 2 of October and this is how my grooming class look like. It provides everything that I need during the class like high power air blower, bath tub with hot water shower, grooming table ...etc.

Besides paying for the fee, I have to buy 1 set of grooming's tool....which cost me RM 1K++

Here some of my extreme makeover.....enjoy ya...:P

~~~~~ Shih Tzu ~~~~~

* Before makeover

* After makeover ( side ) - puppy cut

* After makeover ( overall ) - puppy cut


* Before makeover ( few round bath )

* After makeover ( overall ) - puppy cut

~~~~~ Silky Terrier ~~~~~

* Before makeover

* After makeover ( face ) - puppy cut

* After makeover ( side ) - puppy cut

* After makeover ( overall ) - puppy cut

~~~~~ Cocker Spaniel ~~~~~

* Before makeover ( face )

* this cocker spaniel having a 2 -3 stage of cancer....

* Before makeover ( overall )

* After makeover ( overall )


Jolene said... time i can bring bebe to you d...but need to wait when i work bebe now still at my bf hometown.

jason86 said... prob...keke

3ggNurs3 said...

Cool....feel so pro whn i saw the class...hoho...

jason86 said...

haha....grooming class is like tis 1....

kerrieleow said...

wat cancer is da cocker spaniel having? so kesian....

jason86 said...

i oso dun knw wat cancer...cos found many extra "meat" from her skin....means those 1 piece 1 piece meat..grow whole body....i got no idea wat is tat

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