Friday, November 28, 2008

notty Mika~~ -_- and cuttie Jiro

Still remember Mika???haha...she a naughty gal....taught Miko how to simply pee end up, i have to clean their cage everyday!! thanks,Mika for your best gift for this coming Christmas... No choice, have to cage them in the wired cage to make my life easy.

Now the only thing I hope is that Miko will not simple pee poo within this few days...:)

While for my little hermit, is the closed up photo....he really me ..

and this is his crabitat...I think should be big enough for him to move around. The drift wood is for him to climb and the bedding is small gravel mixed with crushed carol sand...Plan to get some beach sand for him but have to wait until I go to beach...haha

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